IES syllabus

Before starting to prepare for IES you must know what you have to study and what you have to skip. It is must that you follow the syllabus provided. The syllabus of General Studies is vary vast and you have to lay more emphasis on current affairs rather than genral studies which comprises of History, Indian Polity, Geography (most scoring subject in GS) . In my upcoming post I’ll tell you what you have to study for GS and from where. In this post I am providing you the link for the syllabus of IES as provided by the UPSC. This syllabus is for ESE-2010. There may be changes in syllabus for ESE-2011 which will be notified to you when official advt. for ESE-2011 is published by UPSC by January. Till then you can start preparing by considering the syllabus from the following link:

If you have any quarry regarding syllabus or finding it difficult from where to to start then feel free to drop your comment. Ill try to solve your problem ASAP.


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2 Responses to IES syllabus

  1. ankit dubey says:

    I had already taken coaching for IES exam in IES made easy(2009-2010).currently i am working with IT firm .I want to crack IES and for That I am serously preparing it.I want to ask u that is it possible as not much time is left for it.

  2. reh@n says:

    may i know what i have to study in General studies(GS) and from where i have to…

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