IES coaching institutes : An analysis

Hello friends,

In my previous post I have provided info regarding syllabus and books related to ESE. In this post I am going to focus on one of the most important part for ESE preparation which is coaching institutes. This is the question of approx 95% of the ESE aspirants. They don’t know  where to take coaching? Do they really need coaching to crack ESE? What are the basis of choosing a good coaching institute? Which course to join: postal, weekend or regular??? These are some of the question which you have faced one day or another if you are preparing for ESE. So I in this post I am trying to answer such questions. First of all let me tell you that I opted for both postal course from Brilliant tutorials and regular classroom program of IES academy, Delhi. So I’ll be talking about these institutes in greater depth.

 Do I need a coaching??

This is one of the most important question. And no one other than yourself will be able to answer this question. First of all ask yourself do I really want to be an IES officer? If the response comes positive than only you have to think about this question. Because until and unless you are dedicated to ESE you’ll not be able to crack ESE. Secondly, you are the best judge of yourself. You know your weaknesses and strength very well. You know in which subjects you can do well and what are the subjects in which you need to pay more attention. Take a look at previous year papers of ESE and then think will you be able to handle such question without coaching? Will you be able to answer these question if you have sufficient study material at your hands like text books, notes of some coaching institute,etc If you are very good at studies most probably your answer will be yes. And even if you are an average student  you will not find the ESE questions hard to crack. But this is an era of competition. Mere clearing ESE is not what you want. What you want is to stand in top 10 or top 20. So for this reason it is better to join some coaching institute. Its not mandatory to join coaching institute, there are many people who have cleared and that too with good rank by preparing on there own.  But you know there is exception in every case. So if you consider yourself in that exceptional category you don’t need to join coaching institute. Just think once will you be able to fight with the people who will be preparing all the year in institutes where they will be taught numerous tips and tricks to solve different problems, where they will be able to interact directly with IES toppers who will gave their valuable suggestions from time to time, where they will be able to to get the answer of almost every question with the help of their respective faculties.

So in essence its always good to join a good coaching institute if its not a big problem for you to fight an equal competition. Because and the end of the day you can’t make an excuse of not clearing the ESE by saying that you have prepared on your own. No one is really interested to know  whether you took coaching or not. What they are interested to know is how much you have scored in the exams. If you think that you have to spent a big amount on coaching then think about the future after you score high in the exams. You will be able to compensate that amount within a month only!! So its better to shell out few bucks to get a huge amount in return. So don’t take a chance, look for a good institute and boost your performance.

 Postal guidance

This is another important question. If your conditions don’t allow you to opt for classroom course then you can go for postal course which are much cheaper than classroom course. Many institutes are providing postal course to help you to prepare for ESE. I would like to mention the two top players in this field:

  • Brilliant Tutorials
  • Made Easy

As  I too opted for postal course from Brilliant tutorials, I would like to tell you about this course. This course is very good and really up to the mark of ESE. You will be receiving  booklets each month starting from April. There will be two booklets for every month one for technical and other for General Aptitude. The theory is good and well explained but even then its better to refer to standard text books for theory. There is a very good collection MCQ’s in every booklet to evaluate yourself. For example: In control system booklet there is approx 600 MCQ’s apart from conventional questions. Once you are done with MCQ’s, it means you have your concept clear in that subject. There is also question bank of conventional papers. Finally they provide you previous ESE questions asked from that particular subject. So overall if you give your full effort, solve every MCQ and conventional question then surely there is no doubt that you’ll be master in that subject.

The best thing about postal course is that you don’t have to choose which subject to pick(which is very difficult since we always try to deal with tough subject a later stage ). Every month upon receiving the booklet just start with it. No matter how easy or how tough is that subject because you have to be master in each and every subject. Brilliant tutorials provide  a doubt letter scheme. If you have any doubt regarding any part of text in the booklet or finding it difficult to solve a question then you can write a doubt letter to Brilliant tutorials and they will reply the same. 

I don’t know know much about Made Easy Postal material, but I have seen their classroom material and I think they dispatch the same material in postal course. Their postal material is also good. There is brief theory in every booklet of the respective syllabus. Every booklet consists of ample number of MCQ’s for practice, then there are questions from previous exams.

So if you are planning to avoid coaching and take postal guidance instead then please do ask someone who had already joined that course before from the institute of your choice. Ask him about pros and cons of the course only then join it else you will be wasting your time and money by joining some bad institute.

 Classroom program

It is the most widely accepted program for cracking ESE. If you want to attend a classroom program for ESE preparation then Delhi is the only place. Here there are many good institute which provide ESE coaching. Several new institute opened this year because of recession in private sector. This year almost every institute of Delhi was flooded with ESE aspirants from all over India. While choosing a coaching institute take a look at the previous track record of that institute, facilities which they will be providing in due course of time, time period by which they will complete syllabus, faculty members, etc You can find answer to all such questions in the glossy brochures of the institutes in which they promise to provide you best faculty, best study material, and promise to teach you tips and tricks which no other institute will provide you. But don’t just believe in what they are saying. To know the truth behind their brochure get in touch with the ex-students of the respective institutes. Only they can tell you about the quality of an institute. If you don’t know personally any ex-student then also you don’t have to worry because in this era of technology the world has shrinked and people are getting closed to one another. If you don’t know anyone personally then log on to your orkut account (which I think almost everyone posses) and then enter into the the YOU AND IES WITH E&T community. Here you will find many of your problems including old and present student of institutes which will surely help you to choose a good institute. Here I am going to provide you brief description of some of the well known institute of Delhi. According to claims made by institutes for selection in IES the hierarchy of institutes is as follows:

  • IES Made Easy
  • IES Academy
  • Panacea Institute
  • Dronacharya Institute

IES Made Easy: If claims made by this institute is true then more than 50% of IES officer are from this institute only!! This is the most chosen institute for IES preparations. It provides regular classroom coaching, weekend coaching, postal guidance and test series. The management of this institute is very good so after taking admission you don’t have to worry about anything. It will provide you the best study material (I think so) from time to time. Faculties here are mostly IES or GATE toppers. So you can expect a quality education. Here every subject is completed within a time limit so there will be no problem regarding completion of your syllabus. Usually they complete syllabus within 6 months. Admissions are opened right from June and batches are filled within few days. Last time they announced admission for their 10th batch in the morning and it was occupied by evening only!!! So you can have idea about the popularity of this institute. They will arrange regular classes for GS paper with excellent faculty which other institute lacks. After completing your syllabus you can evaluate yourself by the test series which is up to the marks of ESE.

IES Academy: I was enrolled in this institute for ESE2010 program. So I can tell you more about it. Till ESE-2009 this institute was arranging a maximum of 5 batches but this year (ESE2010) there were 9 batches for E&T only. As I was not able to get admission in Made Easy during August I opted for IES Academy. Classes were started from august last week and the syllabus was never completed!!! On the name of faculty we were provide Mr. Gopal who has not cleared even ESE. So I was in the wrong hand. It so happened because I didn’t made a quarry regarding faculty of the institute prior taking admission. I believed in what they were saying in their brochure. Mr. Gopal started with Digital Electronics and he took about 45 days to complete that subject which other institutes complete within 15 days!! Trust me he is the worst teacher I have ever seen in my entire life. Punctuality was not in his dictionary. Class start at 3:00 pm and he used to came by 3:45. Instead of teaching us for 4 hrs he teaches us for nearly 3 hrs only. Almost everyone in the batch was fed up with this teacher but nothing good happened for us. We thought that he will be teaching only one or two subjects but we were wrong. In fact we were taught only by 2 teachers and Gopal sir taught us 8 subjects out of 12!!! I don’t know how a man can be an all-rounder in so many subjects. He teaches us like he is teaching some university students. His approach was not at all competitive. Deep theory, long methods to solve questions, no MCQ’s solving and you cant open your mouth in his class to ask your doubt!! Every time he used to say that he is the best in the industry and no one can teach us what he is teaching us. He taught 5th batch (my batch) Network theory for around one month, while in 9th batch he finished in mere 2 days because he was running out of time!!! We were saved only by Mr. Rohit Tripathi who secured AIR-7 in ESE2009 and scored 99.96 percentile in GATE. His approach to solve problem was very competitive. He taught us only what was important from point of view of ESE. He used to say don’t waste your time on unimportant topics   just pay attention to important topics. His concepts were very clear. He used to solve numerous MCQ’s and conventional question in class. Time to time he also gave tips to boost our preparation for ESE. But unfortunately he taught us only 4 subjects as he was to join his service in Indian Railways. It was because of him that I am expecting some respectable marks in ESE2010 else I was all ruined by Mr.. Gopal.

On the name of study material we were provided booklets full of errors. Theory was of no use and even the diagrams were hand made!!! Only MCQ’s from previous ESE was provided in booklets and no practice MCQ’s were provided. There was no conventional question in any booklets. We have to purchase books from market for conventional questions. When GS class were begin then also there was formality for completing the syllabus. I attended very few classes of GS. Geography was completed within 7-9 days. For Indian Polity I came to know that an ex-IES officer was faculty who was teaching quite good his subjects. For General Science there was a faculty from some university. For English classes which too lasted for about a week there was some HR from a company who was IIM alumni.

Overall my experience with this institute was not good. Its only my views may be you views are against that of mine. I have written here what I have faced during my coaching period. Its always advisable to get the view of an institute from two to three people because there is a possibility that the first person you get in touch with is not the right person to say anything.

 Panacea Institute: This institute is only for E&T people and is getting famous day by day. My neighbors were students of this institute so I came across the material, methodology adopted by this institute. You can say that this Institute is one man’s army coz here the only faculty for technical subject is Mr. Yogesh Agarwaal. But he is very experience teacher and has topped ESE. He will teach you many tricks to solve some of the toughest problems. In class he used to pay more attention on MCQ’s. Numerous MCQ’s are solved by him along with conventional questions during his class. He is very punctual and does not take more than required time to finish subject. Time to time you will came to know the strategy to crack ESE from him. The only negative point about this institute is that it didn’t provided study material (This was for ESE2010). Only question bank were provided with good questions but that too were hand written. So if you are going to take coaching in this institute then don’t be shocked on getting handwritten material. But in its latest brochure the institute is promising to provide quality study material. Another good thing about this institute is that here your GS classes will be conducted simultaneously with technical subjects on daily basis. For GS you will be having an IAS officer. Perhaps you will not find an IAS officer as your teacher in any other institute. The other good thing about this institute is that even if you are not a student of this institute and you have some doubt regarding ESE then you can contact Mr.. Yogesh to get the answer to your questions.

Drona Institute: I don’t know much about this institute but this institute is also gaining popularity. I don’t know anyone from this institute so cant tell you about this institute. If anyone wants to share anything about this institute then please do tell me.

Another institute which is exclusively for Electrical people is Engg. Zone. This institute is founded by Mr.. Qasir Hafiz in 2010 who was highest paid teacher of Made Easy. He has topped ESE several times so I think he is the best for Electrical people. My roommate was a student of this very institute. According to him no one can teach you electrical better than him. This institute was opened in July-August and by Dec. 7-8 students were able to crack BHEL. So if you are going to appear in ESE from electrical than do pay attention towards Engineers zone.


I hope if you are going to prepare for IES and want to join some coaching institute then this post was helpful for you. If you have any doubt or any question then please feel free to post your valuable comment here.

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46 Responses to IES coaching institutes : An analysis

  1. Kartika says:

    Thanks for such a leveraged note on IES coaching institutes. I am going through the postal courses of MADE EASY institutes, which I think is similar to class room notes, but am not sure.

    • abhishek saini says:

      dear classroom study really matters i m a classroom student if u want i can give u guidance

      • raju says:

        dronacharya institute is particualarily in banglore is worst for IES coaching .i am from electrical . i joined for gate coaching not even one subject regarding electrical they haven t done properly even machines or power systems ,power electronics .they simly collecting money from the students and not maintaining good faculty also

    • eshu says:

      nahin nahin
      postal study course to bahut hi bekar hai
      aapke paise waste ho jaayenge
      galtiyan hi galtiyan hain
      aur sylabus bhi very unrelated to competietion

  2. Neha says:

    Thanx …….. 🙂

  3. anuj says:

    Is IES Academy so bad? how a non IES qualifed person can teach in so famous institute. every institute is giving IES qualifed teacher .

    • raju says:

      students try to join good reputed institutes for IES .dont get blamed after joining one bad institute ..befor joining once enquire the students in that institute.for DEMO they maintain good faculty and afterwards they simlpy blame the students by telling bloody reasons like faculty is not available or something else.particularily dronacharya institute in banglore.regarding electrical engineering i am telling .i dont know about other INDIA students are the good source for these type of bloody institutes .

      • Rajesh Bansal says:

        Dear friend,u might have bad experience in drona Banglore, I have also prepared for IES in 2009 from Dronachary Institute of Engineer Delhi,& i can say I got every thing what a student require from a institute, They provide me best faculty in the market of IES Electrical Mr. Ramniwas ,Mr. Vijender Singh, Mr. Deepak Tripathy as well as best study material from which there were direct questions whenever i sit for any exam may be gate,may be ies may be PSUs. on the basis of their guidance i qualified ies exam twice as well as my friends who were studying in drona delhi are well settled as ies officers or psu professional. So i can say dronacharya institute is BEST institute in DELHI for IES/GATE/PSU….

  4. prakhar says:

    hey ,
    i m 3rd year i.t. branch student .in which field should i prepare , it or e&t ,
    as we know that there is no i.t. subject in ies .
    what to do for govn. job , pls help me , thanks .

  5. preeti says:

    thanx..i want to opt for postal guidance coz i am woking as jto in whether i should go for Panacea/brilliant /made easy …

    • prakhar says:

      hey ,
      why do you want to clear ies while you already have a govt. job of JTO ,
      Is JTO job is not good ?
      please reply me bcos i am too trying for psu & JTO .

  6. himanshu says:

    email id:
    plz help me

  7. himanshu says:

    admission in made easy delhi is closed…………… i hav two options
    ies academy
    plz help me in choosing right insti

  8. i missed the last batch for mechanical in made easy….
    should i go for ies academy or engineers zone…..
    pls help…..

  9. shilpa says:

    Free Handwritten notes for GATE/IES/PSU/JTO available at:

  10. ashish jharia says:

    i m from m.p. can i join i.e.s. bhopal made easy since delhi batch gets fulled of made easy.

  11. dark knight says:

    Do not join IES academy, it is one of the worst institutes for gate/psu/ies. They have poor infrastructure, study material full of mistakes, and poor quality faculty.

  12. Zuchamo kikon says:

    Thank u sooo much sir:-)

  13. abhishek rajput says:

    my brother Kuldeep Singh Rajput passed IES with exelent marks in his frist attemped . Thanks for Qasir hafiz Sir . Realy You are GREAT SIR .

    • syed mushtaq says:

      hi abhishek,
      my course is electrical and electronics engineering. iam confused which to choose between MADE EASY and QAISAR HAFEEZ. please advice me a good between the two considering the quality of teaching (espcly for EEE branch), no of students per batch(the lower the better) and infrastrcuture.also it would be better if i u can get me a student of this institute to contact me.
      thank you

      • aytas says:

        Made easy totally sucks when it comes to electronics(ece). Most of the brillient teachers of electronics are not associated with made easy anymore(ander ki baat).See the gate result 2013 for ECE and you can figure out wht i m saying . how do i know all this stuff??…. ’cause i m a current batch student ( batch A ) ECE at lado sarai. You have to deal with great rush daily before comiing to class, if you get a back seat in the class, believe me you won’t even see the white board , all that made easy care is only money . You can’t even ask your doubt in class nor after the class , the teachers are so busy. No doubt some teachers are very good , but only you have a certain level . otherwise for novice people ,I don’t find it a suitable institute.

        : Aytas

  14. amit says:

    nobodyy makes u ,somebody……all madeE IeS aCD etc can teach u ur subjects (ya its a big
    thing) but the BIG mcQ IS :-
    (a) can u use ur mind in the given time slot????????
    (b)more than +2lach candidates are on ur boat (pls don’t tell u cant imagine 2 lack plus people at ones) (c)Ok, if u got selected ,what’ve u achieved cos 90% of Indians confuses IES with IAS.
    (d)Are u satisfied cos u won’t gonna be a millionaire ,u were asking for more responsibility,hard work and pressure…….
    former:- U.P bodybuilding champion.
    currently:-fucked by education…

  15. abhishek says:

    hi ….i m abhishek ..i m in search of class room notes of made easy…anybody wants to sell plz contact my mail id

    • aytas says:

      arre boss u want class room notes … come to lado sarai, near made easy you will find Hind Xerox centre … you can get the xerox of all the notes .

      hind xerox-8130782342

      take care . CIAO


  16. linksparas says:

    The ies entrance coaching is very success to the future.and this blog is involved a lot of knowledge.

  17. akash says:

    plsss plsss let me know about the study material of brilliant tutorials

  18. akash says:

    plsss let me know

  19. ankur goyal says:

    thanks for such a detailed description i have furthur prob which is problematic area …as you know that if we wants clear any topic than we need to solve some ques on that but there is a lackage in made easy coaching please tell me the solution of that or further assist me …

  20. Bhavana Apte says:

    Hi..i have just completed my engineering in Civil branch. I need to know the best academy for IES coaching for my branch so that i can register as soon as possible. I can see a lot of guys on dis blog who seem to hv a good experience in dis field. Bt most of d discussion are for Electronics branch. Can someone pls help me with my branch. Pls….. i seriously need an honest suggestion. Thanku.

  21. ishan says:

    i want to join a coaching institute for preparation of gate 2014.i am in 7 sem n want a weekend batch. admissions in made easy are closed. i was thinking about ies academy. guys plz help. if there is any other institute better than ies academy leaving made easy for gate then plz let me know.

    your help would be highly appreciable

  22. ishan says:

    i am in 7 sem ,civil engineering stream. i want to join a coaching institute for the preparation of gate 2014.
    i wanted a weekend batch in made easy but unfortunately i did not get it.
    now m thinking to join ies academy. what you suggest. also can u tell me other institutes better than ies academy (if any, except made easy).

  23. IES says:

    Informative Post. Thanks for Sharing,


  24. gopal sir gives individual coaching of engineering subjects at very low prices …………………………………….so join that ..really a good teacher

  25. gauri says:

    I want to know that gopal sir is giving individual coaching of engineering students at low prices is that really good to join

  26. reena says:

    best coaching institute…….

  27. aman says:

    where can i get photocopy of hand written notes for gate electrical engineering of madeeasy or ace or engineers zone???

  28. amit says:

    My self Amit working in Indian Railway and was student of Mr.Yogesh Agrawal sir at Panacea Institute Delhi. According me nobody can teach better than him especially in ECE. He covers each and every aspect of subject in class and most of the questions in IES exam directly come from his class notes. His short cut methods,tricks& concepts are very much helpful for exam.His personal attention for student is also very much helpful.
    Study material provided by them is very much helpful. Their assignment contains last 25 year questions of IES&GATE questions which are more than enough for cracking any exam, Their printed study material is very much helpful…………
    My one suggestion for all IES aspirants in ECE is that go through his class notes at least if not able to join him ( you can arrange it from photo shops in Delhi)…….Those are very much helpful for cracking IES exam.

  29. jkverma says:

    can any one know about Panacea Institute.Is it worth to join this institute.i will be very thankful if someone reply…

  30. vijay says:

    can you plzz tell me which is better institute for IES for EC branch I am confused between made easy and panacea ?

  31. Manisha says:

    I’m confused between engineers institute of india(eii), the gate coach(shar academy) and panacea for regular classroom program in the field of elec&comm. please suggest

  32. Prabhakar says:

    Where can i get Panacea classroom notes ? Is there a xerox centre nearby that institute ..

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