Where to stay while preparing for ESE?

So finally you have made your mind to take coaching at Delhi for ESE preparation. Now the question arises where will you stay for approx 6-7 months? How much you have to pay for a room? What about your food during this period,bla,bla,bla. Isn’t it??? So once again I am here to throw some light on this topic.

The answer to the question Where I’ll stay? mainly depends upon the coaching institute in which you have taken admission. It will be good to take a room nearby your institute else you will be wasting time by traversing a long path to your institute. If you have any relative or you have some friends in Delhi then you are lucky since you can take their help to search for your hideout. If you are new in town then you can take help of brokers. If you are taking help of broker then ready to pay extra money which is usually one month rent of the room. The main locations for accommodations are Ber Sarai, Jiya Sarai, Katwaria Sarai, Lado Sarai and Munirka. If we consider Ber Sarai as center point then Katwaria Sarai, Jiya Sarai and Munirka are nearly 2,3 and 3 km far from it. Made Easy is located at Ber Sarai. From this year it is conducting E&T classes at Lado Sarai. So if you are an E&T candidate and you have taken admission in Made Easy then it will beneficial for you to search a room in Lado Sarai. IES Academy and Panacea is located in Jia Sarai. While Panacea conducts all its classes at Jia Sarai only, IES Academy is equipped with classroom at both Jia Sarai and Munirka but the space at Munirka is big one and hence they conduct more classes here. But many a time classes are arranged at Jia Sarai. So it will be good if you take a room at Munirka while studying at IES Academy. Panacea students should search a room in Jia Sarai. Engg. Zone(especially for Electrical aspirants) is located in Munirka and conducts all of its classes at Munirka.

In terms of rent Ber Sarai tops the list of dearest room. Here single room ranges from Rs 4000+ a month. Its better to share a room since it will both economical for you and also it will help you in your studies if you are lucky enough to have a good partner. Finding a room in Ber Sarai is quite a tough job because it is the most populated location. So you have to compromise with the situation. Munirka and Lado Sarai are somewhat cheap and its not a tough job to find a room here.

Next thing is food. Since these area are flooded with students from many areas so food is not a big problem. You can have your food at some small hotel, or you can avail tiffin facility or you can hire cook if you like. Quality of food is almost same everywhere. At hotel food is available according to thali system with thali starting from 25. Tiffin packages are available for approx Rs 1500/month (2 tiffin). It depends on you whether you are opting 2 or 3 tiffin a day. If you are hiring a cook then he/she will take approx Rs. 1000/month. But here you have to bring raw materials on your own. LPG cylinders are available in the market. Other important thing is water. It is advisable if you use packaged water(Bisleri, Aquafina,etc) since these locations lacks hygiene and sanitation. Packaged water cost to you approx Rs 75(20 liters).

As you will be far away from your beloved family members you need a  mobile connection to get in touch with them. Getting a mobile connection here is not at all a problem. Perhaps here you will get mobile connection at its cheapest. Every other day some mobile operator pop up with some exciting offers. In fact, students can be found with approx dozens of sim cards in their possession!!

So, having all these info in you mind it will be somewhat easy for you to find out your hideout. If you need some other info regarding this topic then please feel free to drop your comment.

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4 Responses to Where to stay while preparing for ESE?

  1. Naina says:

    Thanx yaar

    really i was too confuse abt dis topic where to stay??

    thanx ur dis post will help me to tk right decision .

    keep posting……… 🙂

  2. himanshu says:

    sir…….i want to join made easy delhi but all Ece batches r full………….i m not sure abut panacea & ies academy….plz help me in choosing d ryt insti.

  3. himanshu says:

    sir…….i want to join made easy delhi but all Ece batches r full………….i m not sure abut panacea & ies academy….plz help me in choosing d ryt insti.tute

  4. Arup says:

    Sir ,

    I am presently working in an IT company , but i am very determined to join IES .I am actually worried leaving the company and joing an Coaching for IES will be a good decision or not .I am very confused .Please help me !! Any advise from your side will be helpfull my email id is Sintu.Das@gmail.com

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