Important E-books for ESE preparation – I


Today I am going to share links of some e-books which will be very useful for your ESE preparation. Its not possible to buy every book so its better to keep one main book with you and if needed you can take help of these eBook. If you need any  e-book then let me know and I’ll try to give you the link as soon as possible. If you have also links of e-books which are not listed here then also let me know the same so that I can post those valuable links here. If you find any dead or broken link then please bring it to my notice so that the error can be rectify.

1. Barrons GRE 12th edition: link I

2. Barron’s GRE 12th edition: link II

3. Electronic Devices – Sedra Smith

4. Electronic Devices: Jacob Millman & Halkias

5. Digital Electronics: Morris Mano

6. Electromagnetic : Hayt

7. Electromagnetic: Sadiku

8. Antennas: Kraus

9. Communication System: Carlson

10. Communication System: Haykin

11. Signal Systems: Oppenheim

12. Microcontroller 8051: Ayla

13. Radar System: Skolnik

14. Let us C: Yashwant Kanetkar

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9 Responses to Important E-books for ESE preparation – I

  1. Deepa says:

    Hi Sir,

    Is there any link available to download IES MADE EASY / BRILLIANT study material?

  2. Deepa says:

    Hi Sir,

    I need old materials of MADE EASY/BRILLIANT. Will it be available in the second books market in Delhi??? Please provide pointers to that… I m from South India…

  3. ashwal says:

    sir , can u upload ebook for material “Electrical Engineering Material by Decker” or Electrical Engineering Material by indulkar.


  4. alokatzenith says:


    I have uploaded a book on material by Gao and Samme here:
    Please take a look at it.
    I’ll try to find and upload your request too.
    have a great day ahead.

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  6. Ashish says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have downloaded book from the above link….but it demands for password….kindly tell me the password or any other way so that i can open the downloaded book…….

  7. uday says:

    plz plz…………………………give link for IES OBJECTIV PAPERS E&T BEFORE 1996

  8. Vijay says:

    PLz upload Comm sys by Carlson Mediafire…

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