Download IES papers 1997 – 2010


Here I am providing you the link for past 13 year IES papers for Electronics & Telecommunication stream. Boost your preparation with the help of these papers. If you have previous year papers of PSU’s please mail it to me so that I can post here for the benefit of others. Criticism and suggestions are welcome.

1. IES Previous year papers PART I
2. IES Previous Year papers PART II
3. IES Previous year papers PART III
4. IES Previous year papers PART IV
5. IES Previous year papers PART V
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3 Responses to Download IES papers 1997 – 2010

  1. ♂ bleach ♂ ♂ says:

    thnx a ton for this post
    u r simply great

  2. Ashish says:

    Dear Sir,

    firstly i would like to thanks you for the past IES papers……I have downlaoded them… But sir there is one problem……The answers of them is not available….Without having answers there papers are not of much use…..So sir, there is a humble request. Iff you made the answers available of there papers then it is really good for those preparing for IES…..

  3. reh@n says:

    my name is jp im from vijayawada i need the information about the General Studies paper.ehat i have to study?where i have to study?please give me reply my e-m@il id is
    please send me the information i’ll be thankfull to u

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