Important e-books for ESE preparation – II


After a very long time I am here to share something with you people. Congrats to those who made their way to become an IES officer this year and those who couldn’t make it can try this year. So guys hope you are following your tight schedule and turning every stone to clear IES 2012. In one of my earlier post I have provided you links of some useful ebooks (See here). In this post I giving you some more ebooks links. Please do comment if you need any particular book. I’ll try my best to satisfy your need.

1. Solutions of Kennedy (Communications).

2. Introduction to Circuit Analysis 10th edition by Robert Boylestad.

3. Fiber Optic Communication by Agarwal.

4. An introduction to ionic and electronic material by Gao and Sammes.

5. Microwave Devices by Liao.

6. Optical Communication by John M Senior.

7. Schaum’s Series: Probability and Random Variable.

8. GATE by R. K. Kanodia.

9. Electrical Engineering Materials by Dekker.

10. Solid State Physics by Dekker.

11. Digital Fundamentals by Floyd.

12. Digital Electronics by Morris Mano.

13. INDIA 2011.

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9 Responses to Important e-books for ESE preparation – II

  1. Hi alok,
    I owe you millions of gratitude that you have created such a wonderful webpage for the aspirants who is struggling hard for ESE. I am one of them. May i Request you to put a digital edition of India book 2011 for download. I am looking somewhere, but not getting the proper info.
    thanks again for your help.

  2. alokatzenith says:

    Your requested book has been uploaded.

    • Ashish says:

      Sir will you upload any book for digital Electronics or Digital control & logic design………………….I am not able to find these complete bookss for dowldoading….

  3. vedant says:

    sir thanks a lot for this. Can u tell me the cutoff for mechanical at various stages of ies. Plz thanks.

  4. goldi says:

    sir i want books for electromagnetic theory and microwave engineering, pls provide them

  5. jeetu says:

    Sir, thanks a lot for these books, can u plz upload George Kennedy forcommunication

  6. aarti yadav says:… Best course if you want to learn from a wonderful teacher
    This is for ies mechanical engineering preparation !!!
    I would def recommend it

    Thats for the blog and info you provided keep sharing and helping !!!

  7. IES says:

    Informative post!


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